Executive Coaching

Once an individual reaches the executive level in a successful corporation, he or she can sometimes become insulated from the daily routines of their subordinate employees. An executive can sometimes forget where they've come from, which can have a negative impact on departmental operations, and how the executive functions individually within the corporate setting.

Executive coaching can help deal with a multitude of issues, with the coach assisting the executive in becoming a more effective leader, as well as becoming better equipped to grow personally and professionally via a collaborative effort between coach and executive.

At Sigsoog, our executive coaching will help executives formulate effective actions plans, enabling them to become more valuable members of the organizations they work for. In today's uncertain economy, many companies are looking to eliminate redundancies, and executives almost always find themselves on the chopping block. We are the business coaching company that helps executives become valuable contributors by helping to strengthen their skills. Our executive coaching team will enable executives to

  • Set effective and realistic goals
  • Take action that will ensure that all behaviour changes are sustainable, rather than temporary
  • Effectively manage physical, emotional and mental states in order to achieve success
  • Hold themselves accountable for a commitment to action
  • Realize long-term personal and professional potential

Sigsoog will design a strategic executive coaching action plan that will best suit your unique needs. We are the executive leadership coaching company that will help you not only compete, but prosper in today's highly competitive global economy.