The Leadership Circle Profile

To help my clients develop their leadership skills, I chose to study The Leadership Circle tools and become a certified consultant. The course I took and my experience working with this assessment impacted my coaching and my approach to leadership. I now use the Leadership Circle Profile to assess and support people on their way to becoming more effective leaders in life and in business.

Having a background in human resources management, I am familiar with many different assessment tools. Why do I like the Leadership Circle Profile and why do I choose to use it with my clients?

  • it's visual. It displays information in a way that immediately draws attention to the most critical information
  • it shows at one glance patterns of behavior and their links to habits of thought
  • instead of creating something new for clients to learn, the profile bases leadership development on their competencies
  • it organizes information into a developmental system, based on theoretical frameworks in the best of leadership, psychological and spiritual literature
  • its results are based on statistical compression that compares clients to other leaders and doesn't only assess them in a vacuum
  • it is the first competency-based 360 assessment tool to measure behavior at various stages of adult development.

The Leadership Circle Profile:

  • identifies strengths to build on
  • focuses development on key competencies
  • shows the impact of your leadership style on others
  • highlights gaps in your awareness
  • links thinking and behavior
  • propels action
  • creates accountability
  • reduces the potential for derailment
  • gives clients an opportunity to work with a coach as a partner in creating the chosen changes and enhancing their leadership effectiveness.

The Leadership Circle Profile shows the current impact of leaders on their environment, particularly their competencies and deficiencies. Understanding that the profile results represent stages in adult development helps me recognize my clients' leadership style in their lives and businesses, particularly their strengths. Based on The Leadership Circle's research regarding the most successful companies in North America and their leaders' competencies, I work with my clients to become aware of the impact of their choices and actions on their environments. I help clients develop their competencies so they can achieve success in work and life. I help my clients build their strengths to accelerate adult development, develop better self-control and improve their relationships, becoming more effective leaders in all aspects of their lives.

To support clients' learning and growing behavioral development, it is recommended that The Leadership Circle Profile assessment and debrief is followed by personal executive coaching. Executive [insert url to the "executive" section] coaching enhances clients' learning and facilitates their efforts to create and lead change within their organization.