Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one tool in the process of leadership development. The relationship between a coach and client is a partnership based on openness and trust. Coaching sessions are designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved effectiveness for the individual and/or team and therefore the organization as a whole. I help my clients develop clarity of purpose and focus on action, making specific behavioural changes they identify as important. Together, we work to leverage clients' strengths to become more effective in their work.

My clients know that I honour their experience, dreams, and deepest fears. I expect clients to bring to our coaching relationship a commitment to exploration, learning, and personal growth. Together we focus on how they can make the most of their opportunity to lead.

I may use models, readings, experiential exercises, and performance feedback tools, among others, to help my clients experience the growth process. But often the most powerful tool I have at my fingertips is not only listening, in a focused way, to the voice of a client's inner wisdom, but also helping a client to do the same. By paying attention to their own self-knowledge, clients draw on their strengths and experiences in order to achieve the growth they want.

Through the coaching process, executives:

  • maximize their creative potential, as individuals and as members of a team
  • focus on how the team can move forward
  • learn how to develop their team's synergy and well-being
  • produce exceptional business outcomes.

Executive coaching is not organizational development or organizational effectiveness consulting however, the growth in an individual's awareness and its impact on the team often impact an entire organization. Executive coaching is not team building nevertheless, when team members are coached together, in their team setting, an inevitable deepening of their relationships will occur.

Through executive coaching, I help clients:

  • find vision and purpose
  • reach their full potential
  • become more efficient in achieving their goals, therefore becoming more effective leaders
  • clarify their habits of thought and patterns of action
  • shed light on their values (what matters most)
  • realize the relationship between action and state of being
  • focus on the positive and enhance what is already working (while being aware of potential pitfalls)
  • learn how to weather uncomfortable situations to allow for eventual ease on the path to achieving their goals
  • develop their emotional intelligence
  • develop their social intelligence
  • embrace positivity
  • experience personal growth
  • learn how to achieve more in their lives while being their courageous authentic selves
  • become effective leaders in their lives and within their organizations
  • work effectively with their teams
  • learn how to make invigorating choices and use their creativity to generate perspectives that move them forward towards their goals
  • learn how to initiate and sustain real change
  • re-invigorate ongoing projects and be ready to take on new ones

Business benefits include:

  • employees interacting and working together with openness and trust, therefore maximizing their creative potential, as individuals and as members of a team
  • committed employees focused on what their team needs to move forward
  • employees dedicated to developing their own team synergy and well-being
  • exceptional business outcomes.

Coaching focuses on the individual but it is not psychotherapy or psychological counselling. Furthermore,although we focus on the future, rather than on the past, we don't ignore the past. In coaching, we look at a client's past to unearth patterns: skills, behaviours, choices, disappointments and successes. These patterns give us clues to a person's inner values, passions, sense of purpose, and future vision.

"At heart, we are not 1000 points of separated light but, rather, part of a larger brightness. Within organizations, caring and committed relationships are not a luxury. They are a necessity." D. Johnson and F. Johnson

Is your team working together as a larger brightness, or as separated points of light?