Leadership Coaching

I work with individuals in the private sector and in corporate settings who want to improve their leadership capabilities and positively impact their organizations. In leadership coaching, I use the same process as general coaching, with a few differences. For example, a client may choose to use the support of a leadership effectiveness assessment. My experience has shown that you can be a leader in many areas of your life, and that general coaching can work to improve leadership in all these areas.

For those of you who want a more in-depth focus on business relationships, I generally use a leadership effectiveness theory approach to coaching. I am certified with The Leadership Circle [link to url] to assess and coach a client based on established assessment tools. If a client wishes, I conduct assessments that determine leadership and management effectiveness (some of these may require a small, additional cost). For a team of leaders, I might conduct an organizational leadership assessment. Together, we explore the results of each assessment, determining clients' competencies and their impact on an organization. We then create a plan of action, which may include additional coaching sessions.

I believe that self-leadership provides the basis for other types of leadership. I strive to help clients manage their own lives first, then apply what they learn to a business environment. Self-leadership includes being aware of your choices. I encourage clients to pay attention to the root of their decision-making. Once you start being aware of your choices and their impact not only on your own life path, but on your environment, you can make your choices more consciously, both in your personal life and in business.

I work with business clients on developing perspectives to help them better cope with conflicts and obstacles that are particular of work environments.

The central role in any organization is the leader. Without good leadership, the company self-organizes into various conflicts in which internal structural issues vie for the same resource base, authority, and control. How can leaders increase their effectiveness? How might they best deal with the range of concerns that demand their attention? With limited time available, how can they get a true fix on the reality they face? How can they build a supportive team in which alignment, wisdom, experience, good faith, and good judgment reinforce the direction of the organization? Too often, leaders are caught between short-term demands and long-term aspirations, with each dimension being compromised to the detriment of both.

While working with me as a leadership coach, clients will:

  • polish their ability to lead change
  • improve their ability to identify the sources of resistance to change and
  • develop their coping skills.

As a result, they will feel encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and into the realm of their full potential.

Leaders can also gain from my experience as an human resources manager and director in high technical companies.

I offer:

  • personal leadership and executive coaching
  • training followed by personal leadership coaching intended to support the training.

Through the coaching process, leaders will:

  • improve their relationship with their employees
  • improve their listening skills
  • create successful partnerships with their employees
  • create and maintain a positive workplace environment
  • improve business outcomes.

Excellent leadership impacts the whole work environment. By supporting employees' creativity and demanding their accountability, employers and leaders encourage autonomy. By learning the skill of "championing" and acknowledging their employees, leaders create an open and positive environment, resulting in employees maximizing their efforts and producing high quality results.