What Is Coaching

Coaching is an action oriented, positive relationship that supports clients in their journey from where they are to where they want to be in an effective way. We all work hard to achieve our goals, but sometimes we do so without being clear about their nature , or our reasons for choosing them.

Many of my clients seek my services when they:

  • want to maximize their potential in life and work
  • need support while they are going through major changes or challenges
  • are uncertain about their next step
  • are at a crossroads in their lives
  • want help with reaching their goals in a more effective and efficient way.
  • are unsure of how they "got to this place" in their lives
  • want to consider or re-assess their options
  • feel a dissonance in their lives ("something doesn't feel right")
  • don't understand why they are not happy
  • are confused
  • don't understand why things don't work for them anymore
  • consider a major change, sometimes without knowing why
  • know that something needs to change, but aren't clear about what or how to effect that change
  • Coaching is a powerful professional relationship between two functional, equal people conceived with the intention of encouraging clients to achieve full potential in all areas of their life and achieve excellence. The focus is on achieving clients' goals healing is often a side effect. Coaching is created through an open, courageous conversation between a client and a coach.

    I like to use the analogy of a sports coach. Like a sports coach, I help men and women develop their pre-existing abilities, maximize their potential.

    During coaching, I help clients clarify where they stand in their lives and deepen their self-awareness. Together, we outline their values, life purpose, vision, and goals. The clients are then supported on their journey to a future of their own design, all the while practicing coping with possible obstacles.

    Clients learn how to cope with obstacles that stand in the way of self-development and goal-achievement. I help my clients develop perspectives that are more in tune with their vision and values than those they held in the past. I guide them to make new choices based on these fresh points of view.

    Clients are encouraged to learn from all their experiences-even challenging ones-in order to grow. During the course of our work together, clients fulfill their goals for self-development and sometimes exceed their initial visions. If their visions of self-development include organizations they work within (leadership coaching addresses this), they also witness growth within these organizations.

    By asking powerful questions, I deepen clients' self-awareness, then encourage them to act on that discovery and make choices that differ from the ones they made in the past. The process of self-development takes off from there: as clients make new choices, they get results and learn new things about themselves. As their self-awareness grows, they experiment with new choices and act in even more novel ways. Again, different results encourage them to expand their self-perceptions, nudging the process of self-growth in an ever-spiraling motion in the direction of their vision, purpose and goals.