Personal coaching process

Typically, we will first have a free consultation with the intention to get to know each other. You will tell me why you're interested in coaching and describe your goals. We will discuss if coaching is the right approach for you and, if so, how to tailor coaching to your needs. In this first meeting, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the coaching process. We might also talk about administrative aspects of the coaching process, including scheduling and fees. In many cases, my fee can be deducted through your workplace as a professional development fee.

Once you decide to work with me, I will provide you with a welcome package, which I ask you to return to me before the first session. The package includes:

  • a contract that explains the relationship between coach and coachee and outlines the administrative aspects of the coaching service
  • a questionnaire that will help you start thinking about your goals, your life vision, as well as your relationship with your coach
  • a strengths assessment.

The coaching format is as follows:

  • Intake and discovery session. This is the first stage in our coaching relationship and is longer than other sessions. Typically it lasts two to three hours, which can be stretched to two or more time slots. The intake session is one of the few meetings in which I direct the agenda in an effort to:
    • get to know you
    • define the primary focus of our coach/coachee relationship and
    • start the process of designing the coaching process with you.
  • OPTIONAL - Leadership/management assessment. This assessment is designed to determine where you stand in your leadership competencies, specifically the discrepancy between the way you see yourself and the way others see you, and the impact your leadership or management style has on others. Also optional is a feedback session on the assessment, in which we design goals and next steps.
  • All coaching sessions following the intake session are intended to support you in achieving your goals and a creating a future of your own design. I ask that you come to coaching sessions with an idea of how you would like me to support you. My role then is to make sure that you will learn how to support your primary focus and achieve your goals.
  • Every three or four months (or as decided during our intake session), you and I will review our progress. We will decide whether you want to redefine your primary focus or goals. We will check what works and doesn't work in our coaching relationship and process. At this time, we decide together if our coaching relationship should continue.
  • To enhance the coaching results, at the end of most coaching sessions we decide jointly what you will work on until our next meeting.
  • When the coaching relationship comes to an end, we hold a completion session. During this last session, we define your goals beyond our coaching relationship and review the coaching process. At this time we can think about how to design future support for you on your continued journey. There is also an opportunity for you to give feedback during this session.
  • Also available: coaching coaches during their certification process, by a certified professional Co-Active coach.
  • You are welcome to contact me between sessions.