Student Services

I strive to help students and graduates achieve success in school and life. During our coaching sessions, we discuss your goals and how you can make choices that lead you in the direction you choose and reach your full potential.

I will help you:

  • adapt to the academic requirements of your school and its new social environment
  • manage your life in the new environment
  • plan how to be more effective and efficient in school and life
  • get to know yourself, what you really want, which values you would like to uphold. We talk about what kind of life you want, both during and after your studies
  • get support on your way to achieving your goals
  • develop an approach that will help you recognize, plan for, and overcome obstacles
  • learn how to cope with emotional challenges (stress, anxiety, fear, depression)
  • assess the next step. We discuss what you want to do when school ends, and whether you want to work or pursue a graduate degree. Together we explore the type of work you want to do or the program you would like to attend, and where
  • work with you toward finding employment or get into the graduate program of your choice.

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