Did You Know (For CEOs)?

"A study by Anderson Consulting quantifies the benefits of motivating employees and paying them well: an increase of as much as $13 million in return on sales for a business with $1 billion in annual revenue." (Wall Street Journal.)

I offer customized training, workshops, team coaching and individual executive coaching that will:

  • motivate employees to embrace their creativity and leadership skills, resulting in their high performance within the company
  • ignite and equip employees to achieve success for themselves and for the company
  • train employees to manage in ways that build loyalty and momentum, resulting in the entire team maximizing their performance
  • train employees to become skilled at dealing with change
  • help employees achieve professional fulfillment through their positions in the company.

Based on our budget, I can customize a six or twelve-month program that will encourage positivity, maximize efficiency, and increase productivity, contributing to your company's better performance and profitability.

I can also create a powerful impact on your team by conducting leadership assessments and team culture surveys such as The Leadership Circle Profile and The Leadership Culture Survey. Assessments identify strengths and challenges up front, thereby speeding up the coaching process and encouraging rapid growth.